Healt and Safety

MTF Triko is committed to creating and maintaining an ever safer, healthier and more productive place of work through; we are Identifying and minimizing the risks to health and safety in the work place,

Human Rights at MTF We respect universal human rights and take the precautions necessary to prevent human rights violations As part of the commitments as an employer, it offers equal opportunities to all its employees in the areas of personal and career development, regardless of their background or religious beliefs. Follows the necessary rules for professional discipline in cases where human rights are violated. Respects the traditions, cultures and history of the areas where it operates.

A company's performance in the area of occupational health and safety is considered to be an indication of that company's respect for human rights. In order to build and develop a healthy and safe work environment, we constantly work on informing employees, identifying on-the job hazards, evaluating risks and eliminating hazards.

Since the health and safety of our employees is so important to us, the Occupational Health and Safety Board has been established to regulate health and safety matters in MTF. The Occupational Health and Safety Board regularly reviews policies in the Group and work to develop and promote these policies as necessary.


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